Sunday, September 30, 2007


Get Moving Childhood obesity is a national epidemic, and toy makers have responded with tons of cool gear to keep kids active. Hot Wheels� Electronic Speed Meter pushes kids to zoom, zoom, zoom around the neighborhood. The toy gets clipped onto a belt or bicycle handlebars and then reacts to speed: the faster kids run or bike, the louder the speed meter roars with racecar sound. It also tracks speed and lights up. For preschoolers, there's Smart Cycle, a pint-size stationary bike (at left) from Fisher-Price. Plug it into the TV and, as the child pedals away, he becomes part of a video game he's watching on screen -- he whizzes along in a car race, dodging obstacles as he goes. And from Hasbro, look for Tag Tails: kids don cute, colorful animal back-ends and then play a wild, tail-catching game of chase. Retro Appeal Remember when Rubik's Cube was a national obsession? Toys that were cool when you were a kid are back in a big way, but with updated looks. Radio Flyer's classic Inchworm (at left) is sleeker; Play Along's Care Bears have slimmed down and have more detailed facial expressions, but they're still soft and cuddly; Sweet Secrets, those tiny dolls that were hot in the '80s, come with chic, changeable outfits and a fashionable clutch handbag for storing dolls and clothing. And Rubik's Cube from Techno Source? It's now Rubik's Revolution, and it's tricked up with lights, sound, and voice effects.
Getting Personal
Toys that know your name and remember your scores -- this year, there are lots of fun, new gadgets that connect with you in a personal way. Fisher-Price's Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name (at left) grows right before your eyes, but can also sing a song with your child's name in it and ask your child to take him for a walk -- to the kid's favorite place. Leap Frog's Word Launch Learn-to-Read System plugs into your TV and tracks players' scores and individual learning levels. And Zizzle has created Spotz, personalized little fashion buttons (pick a color and image to go inside) that girly-girls can design and wear.
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