Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am born with thick, curly (and most of the times frizzy) hair and I have yet to find out the best way to maintain it. I have tried straightening and relaxing methods for the hair, although they all worked but I have to maintain it and keep on having my hair straightened every six months. For a new mother this seems almost impossible. So I am in the venture for making my hair manageable without having to undergo those straightening whatchamacallits.. I have read in the internet that the proper way to maintain curly hair is just to shampoo it twice a week and condition every day. I cannot bear the fact of only shampooing it for two times a week so i just tried it every other day (though the times that I do not shampoo I still condition my hair). It seems to work for me, cause you see I usually stay inside the house which keeps my hair away from dirt and pollution outside, which makes my hair clean..though that is what I think =) The reason behind that they say is that shampooing your hair takes away the oil in your scalp which helps your curly hair to be maintained. Dry hair often results to frizzy hair.. and shampooing gives our hair a somewhat dry effect. I am still in search of other ideas for curly hair, although I have already found some..but I don't like the idea of putting mayonnaise in my hair, and I like my eggs sunny-side-up not sunny-side-on-my-hair.. Hope I can find new stuff to do with my thick, curly (most of the times frizzy hair). Good luck hunting to me =)

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